Visiting a Chiropractor in Jacksonville

The first time I went to a chiropractor was when I suffered from a chronic back pain. Quick backstory (pun intended), I love the beach so much and there are several must-try water sports here in Jacksonville. I tried surfing and I honestly was not that of a great wave rider as a beginner. I slipped, fell out of the board and hit my back multiple times. It was tiring but fun. It was a feel-good kind of pain. My whole body was so sore the following day but I didn’t bother and I thought I just needed to sleep it off until I realized how weeks have passed and the rest of my body has recovered except my back.

Now as a freelance photographer, being healthy and having a good posture is a must since my job requires traveling and I make the effort of adjusting to take pictures from different angles. My back pain gave me a hard time doing almost anything, I felt like an old man in his 70s. And that was the time I decided to take the advice of my friend who told me to try chiropractic.

Chiropractic Experience

Initial Check-Up

I scheduled an appointment and went to Kingsley Chiropractic Orange Park, Florida. My first visit was all about paperwork, taking my vitals and the chiropractor conducting a movement assessment – this was done to break down dysfunctional patterns and to know what causes the pain. The appointment was mainly an initial check-up and I also had an X-ray of my spine.

The Results

The following visit was the highlight of the experience, the adjustment. But before that, the chiropractor reviewed the results of the performed assessment. He made me understand why I was having the back pain and we talked about how I must’ve gotten it from a sports injury. He also told me that my neck didn’t have a normal c-shaped curve which was possibly caused by prolonged periods of sitting and working in front of the computer.

Adjustment Experience

And so it happened. The chiropractor performed what they called chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation, and I opted to have the full body adjustment. The bone-cracking experience was nerve-wracking, to be honest, but I’m glad I researched about it and my chiropractor made sure that I have nothing to worry about and that I’d feel great afterward.

Full Body Adjustment

My body felt amazing. I didn’t feel any soreness at all; I even felt lighter than ever, and I was relieved from the back pain.

My chiropractor discussed a customized treatment plan for my neck and back. Though I felt immediate relief after the first session, I still had to undergo rehabilitation because of my injury. I went to visit once a week during this rehabilitative phase.

Regular Chiropractic Adjustment

As far as I remember, my back was completely fixed after a month of chiropractic sessions but it didn’t feel right not to go back since I experienced the benefits of going to a chiropractor regularly.

I found the adjustment incredibly useful and that’s why I’m sharing this with you. It helped me with my chronic back pain safely and naturally. It also worked on my overall wellness and posture. I learned to care for my body in a whole new level. I’ve become beyond ready for my daily activities and even for the rigorous ones.

Surfer's back

Going to a chiropractor is basically like going to the dentist. Maintenance is a must for it is necessary that you have your bones well aligned especially your spine because every movement of your body relies on that.

I go to Orange Park, Florida once or twice a month to see my chiropractor because something good for your health is worth doing over and over again.

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